November 26th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Rainy Day

And boy can we use rain! I'd planned to stay in since I didn't need groceries, but my check came so I went and put it in the bank and then paid bills on the computer. Spirit was just as enthusiastic about the turkey as yesterday, so now I'm wondering if I should buy turkey/chicken (whichever is cheaper) cutlets and microwave those, dice them, and freeze them. I'm pretty sure that's cheaper than cold cuts.

It's supposed to rain a bit tomorrow, too. It won't take us out of the drought, and I doubt out of the city's voluntary water restrictions, either.

I emailed my primary doc yesterday to tell him I'd cancelled the PT and why and that I would put on shoes and walk some on the days I'm at home. I also told him that Lipitor is not in the formulary next year, so if I have to change, why not to simvastatin (generic Zocor) which we know I can handle and it's a generic, so cheaper? I said if he agreed, to please put in an order for it since I'm about halfway through the current Lipitor. He emailed back that he'd put the order in, so I need to go to the pharmacy in the next few days. I get refills by mail, but I have to pick up the first at the pharmacy. So if the Celexa and Zocor work well enough, I'll be saving at least $350 a month next year which means I'll hit the Plan D donut hole much later and the months in it will cost much less.