November 10th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Lots of Things

A new cat picture I took last night. Spirit had her head tucked in Giorgio's tummy sort of like he has his in hers until the camera made the turn-on jingle.

I was fine to go out today, although I used rather more kleenex than I would normally. I found some things out about my server at Pizza Hut. There was a group of Hispanics eating when I came in and the last guy out waved at me and said "Adios!" and I smiled and nodded while trying frantically to think if I knew him. He'd also said adios to her so I asked if she knew him and she said "No, they're just friendly like that." So she's at least stereotypical about Hispanics and clearly the rest of us are not friendly enough. Then she commented on my coming in every Saturday and I said not on the third Saturdays of the month because I have bookgroup.

Her: "Bookgroup? Is that at your church?"
Me: "No, it's at the library. Lots of the libraries have them. Ours is science fiction, but there's a teen book club and an African-American club. Oh, and a contemporary club and a mystery club."
Her: "So, it's something you do with kids?"
Me: "No, we pick a book for each month and read it that month and then get together and discuss it."
Her: "You have to read a book?"
Me: "Yeah, we like books."
She shakes her head.

Then when I stopped to get mail, I found there's something shoved up under the latch of my box. I have a package to take to the post office on Monday anyway, so I'll report it then and I ought to be able to get into my box on Tuesday. Our regular maillady is really good about avoiding this (she usually leaves books on my upper ramp), but the substitutes don't seem to realize that the opening at their end is larger than at our end because we have individual doors with individual door jambs. The annoying part is that I was thinking I had a new bracelet in there. This but with purple niobium rings and joined (no clasp) and slightly smaller.

Back when I cleared stuff out of the condo before I had the laminate put in, I decided Mother's Betty Crocker cookbook (from 1953) was too decrepit to keep, so I pulled out the family recipes I'd put in over the years and this week I typed them into a little booklet to give to my brother and his family when they come tomorrow. My MSPub had a booklet function and I thought "Cool!" and used that, but when I went to print today, it was clear that my printer was not following directions. So I set up another document with the right number of pieces of paper and copied the recipes into the right places and then printed it. If I'd known the booklet wouldn't print right, I would have just laid it out on landscape pages to start with.