November 9th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Rock Me Goddess In the Gentle Arms of Eden

I woke up about 15 minutes ago with this running in my head and I haven't been in the van to hear it since Tuesday. I don't believe in any goddesses, but otherwise the song is very moving. To hear a bit of it, click on "return to the music page" at the bottom and then click on "listen."

I had two large wonton soups plus spring rolls and fried rice delivered. Ate one large wonton soup and the spring rolls and finished LJ about 7pmET. I was so sleepy and so very very hot that I went and took my temp which was 100.8. I usually start hallucinating at 101, so I figured it was time to nap. The phone rang sometime while I was asleep, but I had all the cats on me and was comfortable under the duvet and with the pillow so I let it ring, knowing it was probably my brother. Indeed, it was Rick just confirming coming up Sunday. I had planned to evaluate the cold on Saturday and call him if they shouldn't come, but I'll check in later today. I'm pretty sure they're asleep now. One of the good things about being too sick to go anywhere with a cold loaded on is that it tends to process rather quickly and I was thinking I might be quite reasonable by Sunday.
20111112, Marilee

Much Better Today and Chairs Attack Cat!

While I was up in the early hours after I napped, I had some ice cream because I felt hot and by the time I went to bed to read, my temp was down to 98.4. I turned the light out at 9am and slept until the alarm went off at 1pm when my temp was 98.3. Missed pneumonia this time! I was up for about an hour and then had to nap a couple more hours. Now I feel like I could handle outdoors with some coughing and the occasional kleenex.

Poor Giorgio has been attacked by chairs twice today. I have a ladderback chair in the bedroom that I sit in to take my meds and I pushed at it, meaning to push it back a bit, but my robe was over the top and it fell backwards, on Giorgio. Then about an hour ago, I rolled the office chair back a bit and Giorgio rushed out of the dining room. He wasn't hurt either time, but this is not the thing for the kitty with PTSD.