November 8th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

More Cold and New Slippers

I had a lousy night. While I was reading, I started shivering and I couldn't stop. My temp was 99.7F, so no hyperthermia, although people my age and sickness can get it without a low temp. Plus I was coughing that hard cough where my ribs were going to break so I got up, stopped at the thermostat and turned on the heat to 72F, got a teaspoon of the Robitussin with codeine, brought back the recliner duvet to put on top of the bed duvet and put my 30-below socks on (this is the only wool I can wear and I do usually wear these when my feet get cold in bed), and things were okay after a while. I stopped reading and about half-an-hour after I went to sleep, I was way too hot. So I brought the recliner duvet back out, reset the thermostat to heat at 70F and went back to bed. I was awake for another hour coughing my head off and still too hot, so I got up. The condo is pretty tight, so the temp had stayed at 72F. I changed it back to the original 71F AC and went back to bed. Finally, I got to sleep. I woke up when someone delivered a box and pounded on my door and I didn't hurt and I didn't cough and I was breathing through my nose and I thought about my dream* and then I rolled over to pet the cats and started productive coughing without kleenex near. Such fun. So I'm at the productive icky cough stage.

When I went to get the box and the newspaper, I gave the cats snackies and got out my new slippers. Five pairs because I used the extra pair this year and I needed a new one. They usually last three months before they get tatty and hurt to wear. I used to get them at Hecht's for $9.99 each after Thanksgiving, but Penney's has them online at their lowest after Halloween -- $13.99. I don't know if Dearfoam has changed or Penney's carries a lesser variety than Hecht's (now -spit- Macy's), but I can only buy the ornamented booties there. Last time they had a ribbon through the upper part and this year a ruffly ribbon at the top. I liked the unornamented ones (probably meant for men, but since I wear the largest size -- XL -- fine for me) but I can't find anywhere online that sells them.

*I dreamed that I was a forester someplace magic (I'm reading The True Game for bookgroup, which clearly set off the dream) and we'd walk through the forest and the old and sick trees would offer or agree to be cut down and we would have the apprpriate ritual and plant more. I got transferred somewhere else and the trees didn't talk to us and I was scared.