November 6th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

I Go LIke The Raven!

Okay, I actually go like an ancient tortoise, but I had Drum Hat Buddha on the CD player in the van while I was out and it makes me feel like I could be a raven!

Lucilla came and cleaned and when I told her I was going to vote after she left, we talked a bit about how angry people are against immigrants, illegal or not. I sleep in the recliner while she cleans (Giorgio under the covers down between my legs and Spirit on my chest) and she even dusts the end table next to me and I don't wake up. After she left, I went and voted -- the poll was busier than usual, but not the crowded I'd hoped for.

Then I headed to City Hall to see about parking enforcement except it turns out that's actually taken care of by the police. I headed over to the police HQ where I was in the new building for the first time. Someone has allowed door and direction signs to not only be made in different fonts and colors, but about a quarter of them are in fraktur! For the sixteen years I've lived here, I've been able to take the handicapped hangtag with me when my brother comes and drives me to lunch twice a year and when I go to Minicon. However, one of the things the city did in their assault against Hispanics was to pass a law letting them patrol private developments like ours. So I wanted to know if I could let them know I was doing that and leave the van in the handicapped spot because there's no extra parking and I'd be taking an open spot while nobody else could park in mine if I had to move it. Nope, I have to either move the van or not take the tag.

I've been having some severe muscle leg pain some nights and so I started keeping a chart to figure it out. It turns out it happens when I've been out. But I walk a good bit in the condo, too, and I finally realized last night what the difference is. I wear shoes when I go out and so I have a longer stride. The shoes hurt the gout in my feet a lot, though, so I take them off when I get home and wear slippers which are not as attached to my feet and so I have a shorter stride. I'm going to see if I can get a longer stride with the slippers, and hope that makes the muscles get used to being used.

And now my left nostril is running and my left throat is sore. It better not be a cold.
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's December 2007

This has a fabulous story that I talked about when I first read it: Connie Willis' All Seated On the Ground.

Other stories I liked:

The Lonesome Planet Travelers' Advisory by Tim McDaniel -- this is a short but funny farce applying Earthside travel guide ideas to other planets.

Do(This) by Stephen Graham Jones -- a teenager with family problems finds himself helping a computer.