October 11th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Newspapers and a Story Everybody Should Read

I read 2.5 newspapers last night so I'm no longer two weeks behind. The news part is going fast because I already know most of that, but there's plenty of other stuff I like to read.

I started the December Asimov's last night which opens with Connie Willis' novella All Seated On the Ground. This is a fabulous story. There's the SF part -- aliens arrive and pompous people try to talk to them, but our lowly protagonist and a choir director find the clue. The pomposities won't listen to them, but they continue to look for how to talk. This part is great, a real SF mystery. But in addition, there's little barbs at Bush and his adminstration, evangelicals, pompous academics, etc., plus a little light romance. Truly a great story and worth buying the Asimov's for.