October 7th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

The Billy Bookcase

Andrew took less than an hour to put this together and is off home. He's going to watch the Redskins game tonight with his mother (the librarian/fan leader of our bookgroup) but will spend time with his fiancee between. I have all the cardboard in the van, so there's just the strapped up foam and plastic to go out which is lighter and easier to carry.

After Steve left last night, the cats came out and investigated the bed. Spirit and Giorgio just sort of sniffed at it and jumped on it, but Shiva carefully investigated every inch to see how he was going to get underneath. He even jumped in a drawer when I opened it to see if he could get in that way. He can't. I knew this would make one less hiding space for them when other people are here, but I hadn't realized it was so important. I'm thinking I may need to set something up in the back of my walk-in closet. While Andrew was here, Shiva was in the castle, Giorgio under the sink (I'm pleased he hasn't thought to open other cabinets), and Spirit in the corner behind the round water heater.

I had to use the walker last night -- too much walking and carrying cardboard and such made my left side weak. I hope I'll get enough rest in the recliner today, but I'll bring the walker out here anyway.

When I went to bed last night, Shiva sprawled out on the top of the bookcase headboard for an hour or so. Maybe it gives him power over me. The other two were on the bed off and on, but I don't think anybody actually spent the night. I was pleased to find that only my right hip hurt when I lay on it too long with the new mattress, and I was better in general. The old mattress was 24 years old and was sagging in some places and I thought that might be part of my problems. The right hip is odd because I've had x-rays that show I have plenty of cartilege. I see the rheumatologist next week and I'll ask her again then.

I'm seeing her before the regular December visit because I have a growth or something on my right ring finger. It's off to the side and is so big that the skin is white and stretched over it. Steve suggested last night that it might be rheumatoid arthritis (which his wife has), but that's almost always bilateral and my left hand is still okay. I'm thinking it's the resurgence of the first gout tophus I had taken off. It was right in the joint of that finger and the hand surgeon told me she left some so I would be able to move that joint and that it might grow back. I wasn't expecting it to grow out to the side, but maybe scar tissue kept it from growing up. It doesn't hurt, but it does look like the skin will pop (I have really thin skin after all the things that have happened to me) and I want her to look at it. Plus I think I have two more lipomas in my wrists.