September 25th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Signs, Shows, and Scare

From yesterday and today, I've seen equal numbers of houses with signs for the state delegates, which is better than usual for the Democrats. Usually there's lots of signs for the Republicans and just a few for the Democrats. That could change, of course.

I watched the new shows last night:

Big Bang Theory* is about a couple of geeks who have a pretty airhead move in across the hall. It was actually quite funny, both in dialogue and in sight gags. I'll watch this again.

Chuck is about a guy named Chuck who works for the Nerd Herd at the Buy More store (hmmm). Someone he hasn't seen since college sends him an email with an RPG question as security. He gives the password and sees lots and lots of pictures which give him all the US' intelligence data. The intelligence agencies want to kill him, but by the end of the show are shielding and using him. The "diffuse bomb in seconds" bit from the local TV Week? Well, he didn't defuse the bomb (they should get knowledgable people to watch the previews). What happened was that the bomb was controlled by a type of laptop that was sold only in their store. Earlier in the show, while he was giving his Nerd Herd the day's rundown, he told them that a new virus was making those laptops die. So he remembers that at the last moment, grabs the virus, and the laptop dies and never sets off the bomb. Some interesting character interaction already set up. I'm looking forward to watching this one.

Journeyman is about a guy who suddenly is pulled unpredictably into the past to do good work. The first two-thirds of the show made me think it wasn't going to work, but they pull it off at the end. His wife now believes him, although the boss and cop brother don't. To complicate it, in the time he was pulled into, he kept running into his first love before she died. And then after she died. Things start getting interesting. I'll watch this one again, too.

Now, the scare. The last time the board put a handicapped spot next to mine, one of my neighbors tried to kill me. I didn't get a restraining order because I think she's the kind of person who, on receiving a restraining order, will act to kill. Today, the board had her move her car and painted a wheelchair on the spot again. I've written a long long email spelling out what's happened and how and when that was a handicapped spot (and why it wasn't after a while -- the neighbor scared the ealier board into painting over the wheelchair logo) and asked why the heck there's another spot there because Helen will almost certainly think again (wrongly) that it's my fault and try to kill me again. I'm going to have to be very careful going out for a while.

*I first typed that as "Bing Band Theory" which sorta makes sense.