September 20th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Bed and Dream

The futon mattress, which was supposed to arrive 9/29-10/3, arrived today, while I was asleep. The delivery woman had pounded twice by the time I got glasses, slippers, and my robe on and to the door. It's doubled over and wrapped in plastic, which is too much of a lure to the kitties, so I slid it into the workroom where the door stays closed. And then when I signed on, I found the four pieces of furniture have been shipped, in eight boxes. I'm guessing that's the bed in multiple boxes because of the drawers.

When the DHL driver woke me up, I was having an odder dream than usual. I was visiting some totalitarian state and had run into a young girl and her baby. She said she was the hereditary heir to the state and her grandparents had put money for the family in a Swiss bank, but she couldn't get there. She showed me some documents that seemed real, but I figured even if they weren't, she could use getting out of that country. So we got to the border of another country and when we crossed over, we turned into yellow cartoon people like the Simpsons! But I knew that as soon as we crossed the other border, we'd turn back. We were having cartoon-like adventures on the way across when the knocking woke me up. The weird thing is, I've never watched the Simpsons. They're hard to miss in popular culture, though, so I suppose that's where it came from.
20111112, Marilee

News Bits

Remember the female airman who was charged for criminal indecency because she refused to testify against her rapers -- believing that nobody was on her side? The Air Force has dropped the charge against her.

Did you know Alan Dean Foster bought the name of a frog for his wife? Here's the article that goes with it.

This side bit, comparing atheists to non-atheists, comes from this article about how non-religious people are speaking out in the US.