September 14th, 2007

20111112, Marilee


This was a fascinating low-budget SF movie. Four guys run a garage company in their spare time making error-correction devices. Two of them agree to work on a new project and it surprisingly turns out to allow a form of time travel. We see both the originals and the duplicates. What would you do with time travel? These guys decide to make money via stocks, but that's not all that happens. Listen carefully, that's where the information is. The end has a great twist. Recommended.
20111112, Marilee

Lunch and Links

I took both the DVDs back to the post office today and then tried one of the restaurants on my list. Ashton Avenue Family Restaurant (used to be AA Diner) is really a diner in a strip mall, but the food is very good. The service is good, the place is clean, etc. So it goes on the list as possible for when my brother and his family come again. I had souvlaki with a Greek salad and then baklava.

Today's xkcd kind of mirrors something that happened here with the first owner upstairs. She was not only noisy at sex, but her bed was against the wall and it would bang the wall so hard that things on my wall vibrated and threatened to fall down. I eventually got up my courage and told her I could hear all this and she was very embarrassed and toned down her yells and moved the bed.

Jeff VanderMeer is having a massive book sale. He doesn't pull out specfic, so you have to scan the Fiction for it.