September 12th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

New Art!

I had a strange dream last night -- I was a scientist working on a vaccine for something important and during testing, we found out that the vaccine didn't work on people who had had children die and if they had the vaccine first and then the child died, the vaccine stopped working. One of the other scientists in the group commented that it would keep people from killing their kids. I was thinking about this after the alarm beeped until Spirit became annoying enough to make me get up.

I took recycling out and picked up the framed and matted hand-made paper art. It looks great! It was the last thing I was waiting for to schedule Mr. Handyman. I have a lot of things I can't do myself these days and when it's not immediate, I'd just as soon hire someone. I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and had the Carolina Salad, which is a southern verion of Cobb Salad and used the coupon I got by filling out a survey online after last time.

Yesterday I moved the cats' water dish to the only other possible place on the floor of the kitchen because every time I came into the kitchen, there was water under and around it. I was pretty sure this was because Spirit was not seeing the bowl when she jumped up and down from the table with the heating pad on it. This is a problem for me because it's hard getting things on the floor without dropping them. I braced with my left hand on the window sill and would move the bowl, wipe up the floor, put the bowl on the towel, then put it back in place. In the new place, so far, no spilled water.

We seem to have hit fall -- 11 degrees cooler than yesterday and no humidity. My joints are not as bad, maybe Carol was right.