September 6th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Lab and Errands

I'm still on DSL. If this lasts through tomorrow, it'll be the longest I've been on since the 13th.

I got email from the doctor late last night to come to the lab first thing in the morning and get a CPK test (to see if the Lipitor is damaging my muscles and would then damage my kidneys more). I sent back that I'm rarely awake in the morning, but I'd be there as soon as I got up. That was close to truth, I stopped at the dumpster area on the way out and left trash and recycling.

I still hurt a lot today -- I'm having trouble standing up because it hurts so much. After being stuck, I headed up to Fair Oaks and picked up my lampshades and had lunch at Red Robin again. This time the guacamole bacon burger, which was good, but the pot roast burger was better. I really like horseradish. Came home in 3pm pre-rush hour, so there was no stop-n-go until about three miles before home.

The WashPost interviews William Gibson.