September 5th, 2007

20111112, Marilee


I hurt like hell. Maybe I should have taken the doctor's offer of Vicodin. Then you'd be reading a really weird post. It's mostly my joints, although I have some muscle pains, mostly from trying to not use some joints. I sent him email; we'll see what he thinks.

I was going to take the trash and local recycling out today but I'll just do it tomorrow on the way to pick up the new lampshades. That moves the PetSmart trip to Friday, which was empty.

The editor of the WashPost Magazine (comes out on Sundays) is looking for a new columnist. There are a lot of people reading this post who could do this. Many of you are really good writers. There's no indication that you have to live locally and he would have said that if he required it. So think about it.

Monday's WashPost Letters to the Editor had a letter I strongly agree with:

The spending priorities of the U.S. government are wrong. I was appalled to see that President Bush is seeking hundreds of billions of dollars more for the Iraq war [front page, Aug. 29].

I want the U.S. government to fund Metrorail service to Dulles International Airport, not the Iraq war.

I want the U.S. government to spend more money on rebuilding for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, not on the Iraq war.

I want the U.S. government to fund health coverage for all, not the Iraq war.

I want the U.S. government to focus on making life better for all Americans, not on funding a war.