September 3rd, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Bad Marilee!

ETA: Just as I posted this, the Verizon tech called. He had me turn the modem off and reset it, then he reset it twice from his end. Then he had me try IE and Google. It worked! He's going to call me at 1pm tomorrow. And then I disabled the dial-up. Whoops. His "redoing the connection" from the central office didn't work (I tried several different things to make sure). It was my dial-up that led IE to Google. So I'm still on dial-up and I hope he calls tomorrow. (I tried calling back the line he called from, but Verizon said it was a "non-operating number.")

I got really sleepy about 7pm yesterday and managed to finish LJ and then set up in the recliner to go to sleep a bit before 8pm. I made one call to Verizon before I went to sleep -- still open ticket. I woke up a bit before 2am and figured since it was past the 48 hours, I should call and see if the ticket was still open. I did, and while working through the recording, let the duvet slip to the floor. The recording referred me to a tech (more than 48 hours), so I got up and came over to the desk. This guy didn't make me do anything and said the tickets definitely show the problem is in the central office and he would send them a page. Most hopeful thing I've heard in two weeks. He also mentioned it was a holiday and I might need to give them another day.

So I got back up and went to pick the duvet up and put it away and GAK! a squeaking cat came rushing out! Spirit'd been sleeping between the folds and I didn't notice. How could I not notice? She was very angry and scared and sat on the couch for a while during which she faded to reproachful. Bad Marilee!

I did Usenet and Making Light and got sleepy during that so went to bed at 6:30am and read until almost 8am and then went to sleep. Up at 1:30pm and off to the grocery store. Now I'm going to wash cat blankies.