August 27th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Monday, Monday

Not as hot or humid today, but still unpleasant. No call or IP address from Verizon; I'm down to two days of papers, although one is Sunday.

I've ordered a new GFCI outlet because the idiot grounds company plugged something like a weed whacker into my other porch plug and blew the outlet. Fortunately, I don't use the plugs in the bathrooms, but the fountain is stopped. I wrote management about this and asked to whom to send the bill, and he called me (while I was driving) and left a message saying he would tell them not to do it again. That's worked so well with the ramp! He didn't address the cost of the outlet. So when I go out a bit later to fill the birdfeeder, I'm going to put a black tape X over that outlet.

It surprised me that neither Home Depot nor Lowe's had GFCI outlets online. I ended up just googling for the outlet and the cheapest price for a single nice one with an indicator light was from Amazon. Really. It's actually from a company using Amazon as a middleman, and I checked the company's website and the price & shipping is cheaper from Amazon than directly from them. Odd.

Very cute pictures & story of orphaned hedgehog babies in the UK who have taken a cleaning brush as their mum.