August 25th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Hot, Hot, Hot

No call from Verizon, and no IP address yet.

I decided to go to Pizza Hut today even though it was very hot outside. Things were odd at the Pizza Hut. It was 3:15pm and they hadn't made tea yet. The napkins were fast food napkins. The breadsticks didn't have seasoning on them. The personal pan pizzas were served on oval dishes -- not plates -- dishes, with depth, and hadn't been cut through because of the awkward position. I asked the server and she said they'd run out of napkins and the rest of it was lack of staff. A very well-turned-out lady came in while I was there and sat down and read until her food came and I stopped and asked what she was reading on the way out. Something by Joan Hess, a light mystery. I told her I mostly read SF and she said she mostly reads mysteries and fantasies, so we talked about fantasy for a minute or so and then I was on my way home.

At home, I saw more moving across the parking lot. Two days of hot steamy weather, and friends of this couple are moving their stuff. I was never sure why this couple bought that condo because it's down a flight of eight steps, then up two steps to the sidewalk to their building, then a step to their stoop, and a step in. They both use walkers and have had a lot of trouble with those steps. I'm glad they're moving somewhere easier to access (I hope), but this is a bad couple of days for their friends.

I've been reading Comicmix mostly to support Andy Wheeler, and there are articles that I don't care about, but today there's an interesting piece by Martha Thomases about rebellion and change -- not just in comics, but from the 60s to today and how it seems to have been sidelined. I liked this line: "Maybe Jane Fonda wasn’t the deepest political thinker, but she looks like Noam Chomsky compared to Lindsay Lohan."