August 17th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Back on DSL

The tech woke me up at 11am and I told him I'd be sure to be back from the optometrist by 4pm and he said he'd be here then. The optometrist says the cycle looks like some kind of irritation, and it may have to do with how dry I am in general (since my eyelids just overlapped). She says to put the triple antibiotic cream on the eyelid when it gets red and sore and gave me samples of an eye wash to use once the flakes show up. She also said I should see a dermatologist so I made the closest appointment they had -- October 15th. Who knows, maybe I won't need it by then and can cancel.

The tech wasn't familiar with computers -- he was a cable tech -- and I did the typing, and again, anticipated where to go and what to put in. They had us turn the computer off for about five minutes, then reset the modem, then restart the computer and do a couple more things and it worked. The tech said this was the third one of these he'd done today, with two yesterday and one Tuesday. I asked if this was fixed and he said he didn't know. I told him I don't really need DSL, since most of what I do is reading and writing and if this continues to be annoying, I was going to close my account.