August 16th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Back on Dial-up

I was up late again last night and didn't get up until 2pm today (have to do better tomorrow for the optometrist appt) and when I went to sign on, I had the same problem I did Monday. I called Verizon DSL support and the first tech I got said we would have to go through everything I'd done Monday. I explained carefully that the same thing was happening, she should look up the trouble ticket number I gave her, and do whatever they did Tuesday to fix it. She said we had to do all the same stuff and I said no, really, and what do you know, the line went dead. The second tech hung up on me before I got any further than explaining I'd had this problem already this week and I didn't want to do all the things again.

The third tech said we had to do all the things and I said "Fine, I want to close my account." He said he'd have to transfer me to Billing and I said "Fine." He asked to put me on hold, and when he came back, he said we would only have to do a couple of things. If I'd known that would work, I would have said I wanted to close the account earlier. I am really not willing to keep going through all this crap just for DSL every other day.

We did the couple of things (and I remembered and filled out fields before he gave me what to put in) and he gave me the trouble ticket number. Apparently they're going to send someone out to the house and I'll get a call in the next couple of days. Now, this guy said I could use dial-up while their modem was on, which I should have figured out myself, since you can make phone calls while the modem is on. The tech on Monday said I couldn't, and I just believed her. So dial-up until they either fix the problem or I close the account.

The Peapod guy just delivered and between the different frozen foods on sale at Giant and at Peapod, I have about 1 cubic inch free in the freezer.