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Marilee J. Layman


August 10th, 2007

03:52 pm: And Now The Elbow
Last night I noticed the inside of my left elbow was itching and when I looked, it was all red and swollen. I couldn't decide if it was heat rash or an infection because I have so much stria there that the surface is uneven to start with. I decided to put silvadene on and this morning it's just pink (still a little itchy) and it was an infection -- one of the stria split. Probably because last night I took about 2000 books and piled them on the floor in year order -- 2000 - 2007 -- and even the pressure of a book against stria can make it split. I'm putting the to-read pile in year order, at least.

Then about an hour and a quarter after I went to sleep, I woke up with my left foot trying to turn upside-down. I took more flexeril, which made it stop after a painful while, and I'm going to take a nap very soon because extra flexeril makes me sleep.

Last night I went through my closet for the clothes I haven't been wearing -- one of them was worn enough to put in the textile recycling bag, but the others will all go to a charity that takes care of clothes for SERVE clients. SERVE is the major charity at our end of the county. No use in going through the pants in the drawers -- it's so hard to find colored pants that I wear them threadbare, and since there are so few colors, the black and white get worn threadbare, too.

We had big thunderstorms last night and I was hoping for nice weather today, but although the temperature is down (good thing), it's back to humid.

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