August 4th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Pizza Delivery

Well, if I can't go eat at Pizza Hut on Saturday, surely I can have pizza delivered? It does mean I'll be eating pizza for three days, though.

I woke up more achy than usual but I don't think I have a virus (haven't seen anybody but Luke this week -- who would I get it from?). I am considering the idea that I haven't been out in the warm car as a possibility. Maybe the cool is just getting to my joints and muscles.

The first Masters of Science Fiction is on ABC tonight at 10pmET, but the WashPost TV Week just gives the plot, not the title or author, and it's not specific enough for me to figure out what story it is. Ah! I remembered I had DSL and looked up ABC -- boy was that fast! -- and it's a story I haven't read: A Clean Escape by John Kessel. The other three are: The Awakening by Howard Fast, Jerry was a Man by Heinlein, and The Discarded by Ellison.
20111112, Marilee

News Things to Think About

Kip, you'll want to read this one -- the WashPost had an article about the girls playing the Bratz dolls in the movie. Apparently they're going to try to make them less slutty than the dolls themselves, since they're most bought for/by girls under eight. But when you look at the girls, they might as well be one black and three white. The two who are playing the Asian and Hispanic dolls don't look it. Near the end, you get a real feel for Disney with this quote:

They have even assigned one another Disney princess names: Skyler is Cinderella, Nathalia is Sleeping Beauty, Janel is Mulan.

"Disney doesn't have any African American princesses," Logan says, "so I get to be Superman."

And then a WashPost Sports columnist, Sally Jenkins (who believes in Intelligent Design, but I don't think that shows here), talks about how maybe we should have two levels of professional sports -- one Natural, one Enhanced. She says athletes have doped since the beginning. But then she quotes Charles Yesalis, professor of health and human development at Penn State and a longtime scholar of performance enhancement:

"When you go to a movie, you don't want to see how the movie was made, or the special effects are done," he says. "The drama plays out and it has a black or white ending. You just want to be entertained and happy or sad your team won."

And it's true I don't go to sports, but when I see a movie, I do care about how it was made and the special effects. I'm not the only one, if I go by the extras on the DVDs. If guys are doped in sports, I want to know.