July 30th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Standing Up Straight!

I was up until 7am last night and got up at 1pm, having gotten everything done except the last bit of the Sunday paper. When I got out of bed this morning, I stood up straight! The first time since the renovations! I've been having to put my hands on my knees and sort of push up and gradually straighten out the last couple of weeks, so this is good news.

When I started up the van this morning, the squeak-a-ta had turned to squeaksqueaksqueak so it was good that I'd already planned to drop it by the shop after I ran errands. I went to the ATM to get money for the week and then to the post office to return a jacket I'd ordered (it didn't have a zipper -- who sells jackets for cold weather without a zipper?) and drop off a CD. Then to the grocery store and home long enough to put stuff in the freezer and back up to the shop where the scheduler took a few minutes off to ride back home with me and then take the van back up. They won't get to it until tomorrow, but Lilliana is coming at 10am tomorrow which means I have to get up at 9am and I would have had to get up even earlier to take the van to the shop because I have to wait for someone to ride back with me and then take the van back.

While going through my bookcases to find the books I hadn't read (and I'll have to go through the ones that were packed as to be read because I'm missing some I read), I found that I have a second copy of Connie Willis' Futures Imperfect which contains the short novels Uncharted Territory, Remake, and Bellwether. I'd be happy to send this to someone for the cost of Media Mail shipping & my packaging which is $3.50 for the US.

We had an incident in the DC area over the weekend which brought an FBI terrorism team out. There were lots of dead birds at six Metro stations. It turned out that 1) a Metro contractor had spread the poisoned corn, 2) they'd spread it in the middle of the day instead of in the night like they were supposed to, and 3) they didn't clean up the dead birds like they were supposed to. In addition, they apparently killed mostly little birds and were supposed to be controlling for pigeons. Metro has agreed to talk to the Humane Society about non-lethal methods of controlling the pigeons.

The news just said Justice Roberts fell at home and was taken to the hospital. No idea what kind of damage. Even if I were minded to wish him harm, there's no use in it -- Bush has enough time to appoint another bigot.