July 29th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Planet Earth Disk 5

This last disk is a miniseries titled Planet Earth: The Future. It's made up of Saving Species, Into the Wilderness, and Living Together. I was a bit taken aback by all the talking heads, particularly as it became obvious that many of them had been interviewed in the same place and that the bits for each of the three episodes were taken from the same interviews. It may not have been as annoying when they were originally shown one hour a week.

We were shown small bits of video, many already seen, between the talking heads. The talking heads all pretty much agreed except for three guys. One, who had trouble keeping a smirk off his face and actually laughed when he said "armchair environmentalist," was Peyton Knight, the executive director for the American Policy Center. Another was a trophy hunter who said if he had to pay $50K to kill a lion, it benefited conservation. The third man was the only one who illustrated actual change and he agreed on the trophy hunting. I would have been more impressed with serious credentialed opposition included in the episodes.

I kept hoping to see or hear about something that really made a difference and there was one: The wild dogs of the Serengetti were dying from diseases caught from pet dogs of the folks who live around the desert. This scientist got money to vaccinate the pet dogs, creating a safe ring around the desert. The owners were happy to have their dogs vaccinated for free, particularly from rabies, and were also happy to help the wild dogs.

While there were interesting bits -- particularly a section with Sandra Postal on water -- a lot of it was different ways of saying the same thing: If we don't change, the animals and plants around us will die and that will change us in ways we don't like.
20111112, Marilee

From Dark to Dark

I woke up to thunder this morning and since you shouldn't shower during storms and I was still sleepy, I got up and put a robe on. I fed the cats and brought the paper in, which was still dry, and then went back to bed. I slept most of the time, and every time I woke up, there was still thunder. I finally got up at 5pm and just washed up at the sink quickly. I'll be up late tonight.

Shiva has figured out how to use Giorgio's lack of laminate mastery to his benefit. He hides behind something, waits for Giorgio to come by, then jumps out at him. Giorgio can't run on the laminate yet, so he starts sprawling madly, and Shiva butts him in the side and sends him sliding. Then Shiva sits there looking like he won.