July 16th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Day 8 - Final Painting, Ice Cream for Lunch

The painters arrived today to do the kitchen and some touch-up. The plumber arrived and quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem with the hot water -- the guys who did the work the first time let some debris get into the pipe and it had gone down into the mixer and partially blocked the hot water out. He took the shower head off and just ran the hot water and debris came out. Then he put it back on. No charge to me. Then the painter put the new drywall on. What's left now is painting that new drywall, cleaning up, and putting the honeycomb shades back up. I admit I usually keep the living room and kitchen shades up when I'm out here during the day, but I'd like some privacy for night!

The movers won't be bringing my stuff until Wednesday and they'll call tomorrow to give ma an idea of when it will come. That means I can sleep in tomorrow and go get birdseed. I think getting enough sleep yesterday helped a lot because this morning I managed to read all of Sunday's paper before I took a short nap and then finished today's. The painters went out to lunch and I realized I hadn't planned for this. I don't keep anything in the fridge that can just be eaten out of hand, so I had a half-pint of ice cream for lunch. My second mistake (the first was letting the movers pack my tea leaves), and again, not a big one.

Spirit headed for the corner behind the water heater when she saw their truck (I wonder if she'll do this for all white trucks) and Shiva got into the castle. Giorgio went back into the cupboard nad I was not so sure that was a good idea because they'd be painting in there, so I got him out and tried to get him to stay with Shiva in the castle. He wouldn't, so I put him in the utility room with Spirit and shut the door. He yelled mightily and tried to get out while the painters were at lunch.

I was thinking yesterday taht I was so far behind that I'd never get the bookgroup book, Night Train to Rigel by Timothy Zahn, read by Saturday, but it's starting to look up.