July 13th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Day 5 - Pink Paw Painting

I tried getting the cats into the guest bathroom again, but they'd learned from Monday. So when I saw the painters pull up, I said Hide! Hide! Hide! and Spirit dashed behind the water heater again and Shiva and Giorgio shared the one-cat space in the castle again.

The owner of the local Certapro franchise (he wasn't the cheapest, but he wasn't the most expensive and I didn't have to drag his licenses out of him and he asked a lot more questions) came with two people who are painting -- Cesar and his assistant/wife Aretelly (who doesn't speak English). We all walked through and made a plan because I need the recliner to sit in, and would like access to the computer. They've painted my room the new color -- Iris Anthem, a bluer light purple -- painted the one wall in the closet where I had an expandable rack, painted the small bedroom the same pink (it highlights the quilt my grandmother made from my mother's clothes that I have properly hung on the wall -- or will again, when it comes back on Wednesday), and are painting the hall right now. They've also prepared the living room, new office/former dining room, and kitchen for tomorrow. So today's will all dry by tomorrow and they'll move what I need down the hall and work out here. So I'll be online after they finish tomorrow's work.

I napped while they were working down in the bedrooms and they left while I was asleep. The mail lady knocked and left me a couple of books on the ramp (The Best Short Novels and The Lost Colony) and I brought them in and that brought Spirit out. She went down the hall to look and then came back, leaving pink paw prints with her right front paw. The painters had left a paint can and the top on the floor and she'd stepped in it. I tried to get her to come to me, but ended up using snackies to lure her. I grabbed her, shut us in the guest bathroom, and washed all the paint off her paw while she yelled. She tried to yell more while I checked her mouth, but she hadn't licked any yet. Then I let her go and cleaned the paw prints off the laminate, which was easy. When the painters came back, I said Hide! and she went back into the utility room and I shut the door; the boys went back into the castle. I asked Cesar not to leave the paint cans open when nobody's here or awake.

After I cleaned Spirit's paw, I ate a third or so of the salad I made last night. I cooked kamut in the fuzzy logic rice cooker and zapped a package of julienned green beans. While I ran water over them to cool them, I cut the steak into little pieces and then mixed it all with a vinegrette. It turned out quite good. A lot of the whole grains I've been cooking in the fancy rice cooker make good cold salads.

Then later, Giorgio wasn't in the castle but nobody had gone in or out and Cesar and I looked -- I managed to remember "el gato blanco" to ask Aretelly, but she hadn't seen him, either. I remembered the snackies and used those again and he came from the kitchen. So I gave him the snackies and came over to the desk and when he went back into the kitchen, I stood up and looked over the half-wall. He'd gone into the cabinet under the counter, sitting on the tops of soup cans. He's never opened a cabinet before and if he keeps this up after this is all over, I'll have to put in baby locks.

Cesar and Aretely left while I was typing. I told Cesar I usually go to Pizza Hut for lunch on Saturday and would they like to come with me, my treat? He said yes. He said they'll finish tomorrow -- this was supposed to be at least a three-day job, so maybe it won't cost so much. The estimate was based on hours, as well as paint.