July 10th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Day Two - Moving

As it happens, I didn't stay in last night. I waited until it went down to Code Yellow and went to Captain D's and bought two gallons of iced tea. I left the tupperware with my everyday tea leaves on the baker's rack and it got packed! If that's the worst that happens, I'll be okay.

I was up at 7am again today, after four hours of sleep, having prepared the condo for cat-catching last night by shutting my bedroom door and putting the litterbox in the guest bathroom tub and the cat blankie from my bed on the floor in there. While I was washing up and getting dressed, I left the sink full of clean water. Then I took their food pouch and the little plate and went into the guest bathroom. I opened it there, put the plate on the floor, and Giorgio and Shiva came right in. Spirit looked at me, meowed offendedly, and ran away. I shut the door, figuring two was a good start, but it took me another hour and a half to catch her, and the last 15 minutes I was assisted by two of the movers. She had the equivalent of breakfast in snackies while I tried to lure her out, but we ended up catching her by having one guy at the half-wall between the kitchen and the dining room and one by the half-wall between the kitchen and the foyer. She froze on the stove. I approached and picked her up and unclawed my shirt and then delivered her to the utility room because I wasn't going to risk the boys coming out. While the movers were here, I read yesterday's paper and hope to read today's later.

The movers were only here an hour and a half, and there were no kitty cries during that time. There was a variety of interesting things that had fallen behind things. and part of me thinks I should vacuum and most of me thinks I don't want to go to the ER not-breathing, so I'm not going to. When the movers were gone, I let the boys out first -- Shiva came right out but Giorgio was hiding between the tub and the shower curtain. I just pulled it back enough to tell him he could come out, and then opened the utility room door. I couldn't see or hear Spirit, but I figured she'd come out. The boys couldn't find anywhere to hide out here other than behind my recliner (there's not much more furniture -- their castle, two end tables, a bench, the TV stack, and the desk and chair) but Spirit didn't come out. I figured she was behind the washer and dryer, so I moved a couple things so I could look back there and tell her it was okay. She was instead behind the hot water heater, in that tiny almost crescent corner. I told her she could come out, and she wouldn't look at me.

I came back to the recliner and called the flooring people because I haven't heard from them, and I was expecting to, before tomorrow, and I wanted to know how early I had to get up. I left a message for the scheduler, and then booted up the computer to refill a prescription. While I was sitting here, I could see down the hall and Giorgio went into the utility room and talked to Spirit, who came out following him cautiously. I left a voice message for the scheduler again and then slept in the recliner for three hours.

Now, Spirit and Giorgio are sort of obsessively going through the condo looking at all the stuff that isn't there, and Shiva is in the castle. I'm going to call the flooring scheduler again.

ETA: It's 2:37 and the scheduler just called. He said he usually makes his calls before he leaves and yes, I'm still scheduled for tomorrow and I should expect him between 8 and 10 and he'll call when he heads out (which gives me 20 minutes). I'll still need to be up early, but I can nap until he calls.