July 7th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

The Calm Before the Storm

I'm going to have to keep the big computer and the desk. I know it's not a big deal to the laminate guys, they're used to moving whole houses worth of furniture, but it is a heavy desk and I didn't say I'd still have it. I booted up the little computer last night and the software I have on it doesn't do SMTP authentication so I can't send email and it's too stupid to handle newer software. Everything else was fine. It was a fabulous computer when I bought it, compared in reviews to the Toshiba Libretto, but like a lot of subnotebooks, you can only upgrade so much and I did that when I bought it. I'm going to think about it for a while, but since I mostly used it when I traveled and traveling is now complicated enough with liquid and cream meds and the wheelchair needed in airports that I didn't take it to Minicon this year, I'll probably wipe my stuff off (almost nothing more personal than bookmarks) and see if anybody wants it. I would have offered it to papersky last month except that it does have the keyboard toward the back. It swaps directly to MS-DOS, no emulation, so it would have worked for her otherwise.

I fiddled with that for long enough that I didn't pack the jewelry last night so I'll do it today.

The person who wanted the microwave cart never came, called, or emailed, so I offered it to the next person who came and got it today. About 10 minutes later, the folks came to get the table and chairs, so everything that's going out (other than trash & recycling) is gone.

I had my usual lunch at Pizza Hut and looked up at the TV -- four kids with swords and a talking bear on a snowy mountain -- and I said "That's Narnia" to the server and she said yes. The bear wasn't very realistic. The centaurs seemed more so, but it was clear that I won't be able to watch the whole movie, as I expected. I went to the grocery store because I don't expect to be able to go on Monday and blueberries are finally in season. I bought four pints at 2 pints for $3 and plan to freeze them today. I bought more of the Crystal Light Hydration because I'm going through a box every five days. I haven't heard from the Sqwincher folks yet and if I don't by Monday, I'll email his boss again. I much prefer the taste of Splenda to aspartame.

Spirit has been checking in with me every half-hour or so since last night for reassurance. Her anxiety disorder is bad enough usually, but all these strange people taking things is worrying her. Wait until the movers, flooring guys, and painters come. I'll have to put the cats in the guest bathroom during the actual move out and back in, but they'll be afraid enough of the folks not to go out while boxes and laminate and paint cans are brought in and out. I hope they, and Spirit particularly, settle in well after everything is done and unpacked.

Tomorrow I wash cat blankies, sheets, pillows, mattress pad, and clothes plus take the garbage and recycling out. The movers are here at 8am, so I have to have the bedding ready to pack and I'll sleep in the recliner starting Sunday night. Then the invasion starts on Monday.
20111112, Marilee

The Edges of Things by Lewis Shiner

This book is from Disclave 1991 - written by Author GoH Shiner and illustrated by Artist GoH Alicia Austin and slipcased. It's signed by them and Mark L. Van Name. I have the 579th of 600 copies. It was a gift at Capclave 2005 for people who had pre-registered and I've had it sitting on my night table all this time without reading it.

It turns out to be an interesting book. Most of the stories are what we would call slipstream today -- not clear SFF or Horror, but some combination. Shiner wrote introductions for each story and he has some recurring themes: dreams, falling in space, powerful women, and the twist ending. I enjoyed every story, even stayed up late to finish the last two last night. I doubt you can find a copy of this, but if you do, it's worth reading.