July 2nd, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Books and some Solutions

I left the last batch of SF books at the library, mailed some things at the Post Office and went to the grocery store. While I was there, I looked again for hydrating drinks and the only thing I found was the Crystal Light On-The-Go Hydration. The Propel, both sticks and bottles, didn't have potassium and the Giant had only regular Fruit2O, nothing special. I did find things that had antioxidants or provided energy, but that's not what I needed. I bought the Crystal Lite to see if I still hate aspartame and I arranged for a local distributor of the Sqwincher to call/email me. The Sqwincher is a little cheaper and has Splenda, which I like better.

I've been emailing with an elderly neighbor. She's really unhappy that she can't walk more than a few steps without her walker, but she still gets out of the house. She knew I'd gone to a couple of recent board meetings and she wanted to know what I knew. I found out from her that another neighbor has been cleaning her house and doing a good job at a low price. After the renovation is done and I'm unpacked, I'll call her and offer her a bit more money to clean here. Virginia and I have the same model condo, but I think Lucilla should get more money.

I got a bill from the hospital for my bone scan (Medicare & Kaiser had already paid) and that's illegal, so I called the hospital where the supervisor talked over me and I hung up and called Kaiser member services where she took care of it while I was on the phone.

Last night I got almost all the old con stuff into new folders. I have a small pile of things that were loose and I'm going to print labels for the folders and then file the leftovers. I'd originally been putting them in these cool plastic envelopes, but they didn't last even 10 years and these folders are supposed to last twenty. At the same time, I got all my fanzines together and in a box. I kept stopping to read bits of fanzines and look at con stuff. A fun night.

I'm ready to part with my full run of Science Fiction Age for the cost of shipping, in case anybody is interested. There's not that many, they won't take up much room, and if you haven't read the stories, you'll enjoy them.