June 28th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

The IRS Gives In!

Okay, partly. I got mail today that says they found all my 2003 payments. During our earlier arguments about this, I went ahead and paid, and now I have to make them give me my money back. I'm still dealing with 2004.

Some of y'all don't know that I get private disability as well as Social Security. The private disability was a perq from my company and I certainly never expected to use it and never asked to see the contract. I needed money and imported sterling silver beads from Bali and sold them online from 2000-2003 and it turns out the private disability doesn't let me earn any money. If I do, I have to give it to them. I paid them a bit more than $21K in 2004. They told the IRS that I wasn't reporting income (and I had been -- to the IRS. It never occured to me that private disability would be stricter than Social Security) and so the IRS and I have been wrangling over those years for, well, years. So it looks like 2003 will be straightened out soon and I have hopes for 2004.

I took another batch of books to the library today. I think I'll have at least three more batches. I looked at the fourth & fifth bookcases and I'll be keeping more of those than the earlier bookcases.