June 27th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Heat Rash

This is weird. I usually get heat rash on the back of my neck but today it was on the back of my right hand and wrist. I've been home about an hour and it's mostly gone. We've had clouds, thunder, and lightning, but no rain. A little further north from here, two girls were hit by lightning (the news hasn't said if they were sheltering somewhere stupid or not).

It was really hot and humid today and I had to go out anyway. I took some books to a used bookstore that buys newer hardbacks and the rest to the library for the Friends sales. I took the trash out and stopped at PetSmart to get more packets of wet food.

It looks like I'll be taking books to the library for the Friends every day for the next week or so because so many of what I'm discarding is older. They look new because I take care of my books, but they're not. I can only handle one rolling crate of books a day in this heat, which is why it will take so long.

I've found a brand of rehydration liquid that uses Splenda: Sqwincher. They didn't have nutritional info on the website, just that their "Lite" was good for diabetics, so I emailed for that and got it yesterday, which is when I verified it was sucralose/Splenda. Yesterday I contacted the main distributor for the mid & south Atlantic states and got email today with two local distributors and their phone numbers. I'll call tomorrow.