June 25th, 2007

20111112, Marilee


The plumbers came and the problem turned out to be a leaking joint that goes from the main cold line to my shower and to Luke's shower, so we both got to pay for that. I put a call in to the painter to see if he knows someone who will patch a couple of small drywall holes, and he said he'd do it with the painting -- no charge. I think I picked the right painter!

The WashPost is running a four-part series on Dick Cheney that is really chilling. That man is running the government, and he's running it as a terrorist.

I got out after the plumbers were here to run errands, including groceries. I didn't find any rehydrating drinks that didn't have sugar and my googling last night found only one, a powder that I'd have to buy online. I also got 12 frozen meals for $37 due to the confluence of sales and coupons.