June 18th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

The Closing

I was still reading the WashPost early this morning and found that TNT was playing old eps of The Closer before the season premiere tonight. They were just as fascinating as they were the first time I saw them. I had to make myself stop watching and go to bed, since it's Code Orange today and I can't go out anyway. Probably Code Orange tomorrow, too.

I finished all the beadwork on my BFAC project last night and was going to buy a special glue today, but it will have to wait until Wednesday. I have some work to do in the workroom before it gets packed. I have some partial projects lined up on a shelf and most are going to have the seed beads decanted back into their tubes, but one has fragile shells and such and needs to be packed. I also need to pack two areas of stones -- cabs and fans -- so they won't clatter against each other when the drawers are moved.

I have one partial project that I'm going to take apart. The beads came in a swap and I had in mind to do a vase and actually am almost done with it, but it's really just not what I want.
20111112, Marilee

The Eight Deadly Words

A while back, someone posting to the LJ of one of my friends recommended KSR's The Memory of Whiteness. I looked it up and thought "music and math -- perfect!" Unfortunately, he uses the "Dear Reader" bit and a lot more infodump happens than anything else. I'd stopped reading it to reread Basilisk and when it came time to pick it up again, I thought "I don't *care* what happens to these people!" Fortunately, it was a used paperback.

I had a coupon for "Bumblebee Sensations" which is a small can of seasoned tuna, some crackers, and a plastic "spreader." I bought the Spicy Thai version, which was actually pretty good -- a little buzz in the mouth -- but you really needed more of a digger than a spreader and there weren't enough crackers. The cats were thrilled at the sound of a pop-top, but the chili pepper smell kept them from actually trying any of the tuna. It's a lot more expensive than just tuna and crackers, but I might buy another one anyway to keep in case I need to eat while in the car. Only 16gr protein for the whole lot.