June 12th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

In the News

There's a new theory that Beringia was hit by a comet, which is what killed the mammoths.

Operation Happy Note sends musical instruments to the troops deployed all over the world. No PayPal button, but I suggested one.

A federal court has ruled that Bush cannot keep a US citizen imprisoned indefinitely only on suspicion.

The FBI asked Congress to give them $3.6 million to keep their Gulfstream V jet to use for counterterrorism, but at least a quarter of its use has been to ferry Director Mueller to speeches and appearances.
20111112, Marilee

Laundry and More Laundry

I headed out to vote in the local Republican primary today. Virginia doesn't require you to register for parties, so when there are primaries rather than caucuses, you can vote in either, just not both. Our city has only one primary, the Republican primary for sheriff. Since there is almost certainly not going to be a Democratic opponent, who wins the primary is important.

A late addition to the race wants to be in charge of fighting illegal immigration, which is not the mission of the sheriff and his department (they handle the jail, prisoners, warrants, and the court complex that is used by the county and two cities in it).

The other non-incumbent was the chief deputy to the previous incumbent (a Democrat, who had to pay a lot of fines when he left only because they couldn't get quite enough evidence to bring him up for fraud) and was fired by the current incumbent for good reason. He gives two reasons to vote for him, and they're both wrong. He says the incumbent asked for $3 million for the jail, but that was in the budget for last year before the incumbent was elected. He also says it was a waste of money to buy a golf cart for the court complex, but being disabled, I can tell you that it's a lot easier to get in and out of a golf cart than a car, and that's their primary use of it -- moving elderly and disabled folk around the court complex.

The incumbent has been doing a good and quiet job. He doesn't seek to extend his range, nobody's escaped, prisoners are taken care of, so I voted for him.

Then the laminate guy arrived for me to make final selection of pattern and give him half down. When I signed on, I had email from the neurologist. She says the level of phenobarb is fairly low and she's ordered a lab test to see how much is in my blood to see how much we can raise it. I was going to the shopping center with the local clinic tomorrow anyway, so I'll do it then.

I'm on the second load of probably 10 today. I think I'll be moving laundry around in my sleep.