June 5th, 2007

20111112, Marilee


Okay, only of my newspaper. Luke said he put it on my upper ramp and it wasn't there when I got up. Very annoying. On the other hand, he'd already read the Sports section of his paper and gave me the rest, which worked out well. A while back, we tried only me getting the paper and giving him the Sports section, but I didn't get up early enough for when he wanted to read.

My Office Depot order turned up today -- some labels plus some two-pocket folders. I need to change my convention stuff storage method. I've been keeping them in these cool red translucent envelopes, but the plastic in those has deteriorated so I'm trying something new.

I took seeds out of the fountain and filled it and then refilled the birdfeeder. It was nice outside although it's supposed to be 83F so I left the sliding glass door open and turned the AC off. It's easy enough to turn back on if it gets too hot.
20111112, Marilee

The Pixel Eye by Paul Levinson

This is the third Phil D'Amato book by Levinson. D'Amato is a forensic scientist in New York and in this story, he's dealing with secret societies as well as hamsters wired for sound and squirrels wired for video. Who wants to kill whom? That's hard to figure out. It's a tense suspenseful story that isn't quite stfnal, but still a really good read.
20111112, Marilee

Teen Shopping

Yesterday's WashPost has a fascinating set of articles, videos, and interactive maps on teen shopping. A team of reporters and videographers followed 61 teens (who signed up) as they shopped at Tyson's Corner Mall, which is a big Northern Virginia mall. Only four boys signed up, and only one showed; the others are all girls and I found the articles fascinating.