May 26th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Strange Sleeping

I got all the bags and trash out to the van before the notary came last night. We ended up laughing while I was signing and she was sealing and handing papers over. So I have a new mortgage! Next week it's time to start talking to the laminate vendors.

I finished online about 9pm and went to read the WashPost and felt very sleepy, so I converted to napping in the recliner. I woke up at 4:39am so I guess I was reallysleepy. I read the paper and then moved to sleep in the bed for a few hours.

I took the trash out and went to pick up a refill of phenobarbital. I can't get this in the mail, I have to pick it up, but Kaiser's website didn't let me put in the refill online, saying I was asking too early. I called the local pharmacy and it turned out that the doctor's order (and on the bottle) of 1 pill a day for two weeks, 1.5 pills a day for two weeks, then 2 pills a day went into the computer as 1 pill a day. So she put in the refill, but it still says the same thing so I suppose this will happen next time, too. Then my regular Saturday lunch at Pizza Hut, but I brought home half the personal pan pizza. I've been getting full pretty quickly the last few days.
20111112, Marilee


I just got up from a two-hour nap after fiddling with the fountain. I put fresh water in too fast and it washed all the sunflower seeds the grackles drop in into the chamber with the impeller and they blocked the input. Cleaning that out isn't a big deal, but getting the hose back on the top piece is, because the nipple where the hose goes is eroding. The fountain is pretty old, I suppose I'll have to buy a new top piece next year.

I don't know why the grackles drop seeds into the fountain; the seeds won't sprout because they've been microwaved to keep from growing.

I meant to post this earlier -- the sound hasn't come up on the computer the last two days and that happens maybe a day every few months so Thursday didn't worry me, but I was a little concerned yesterday, and I decided that if it came up without sound today, I'd shut it down and open the case. Right before I did that, I remembered that the cleaning lady had been here on Wednesday and I checked to see if she'd turned the speakers off. Uhhuh. I'm listening to Tanglewood Tree by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. Excellent folk-rock, but it's the words that catch you.