May 16th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Errands and Anecdotes

The plumbers here yesterday were young brothers -- the younger apprenticing to the older -- and while they agreed that it was the inlet valve that needed replacing, the older did suggest a pressure-reducer for $500. He said the inlet valve might have broken because of high pressure and I said it had worn because it was 15.7 years old and he agreed that might be it. He asked if I had other leaks and I don't, and pointed out the low-flow aerators with flip switches on the faucets. He asked where I'd gotten those and the company is gone, but I found him a place online.

I was barely awake by the time they left and slept in the recliner for five hours, was up to finish online and watch the VCRs, and then slept in bed for the night.

Today I took trash & recycling out and got labs at Kaiser. I was waiting next to two young mothers -- one plump, fair, red-headed who was living with someone who wasn't the baby's daddy, but "he treats her like his own," and the other a dark married Indian woman with a very expensive pram. The differences in their situations came out while they talked, but they were united in discussing their little girls and breastfeeding and such.

Then I bought cat food at PetSmart and went to have human food at Chili's (I hadn't had oatmeal because of the labs, so I had the southwestern eggrolls and chips & salsa -- the waiter gave me a new batch of chips & salsa to bring home) and I've clearly been reading too much of papersky's LJ because I saw a bird outside and thought "American robin."

Big drops of rain started as I left, which was fine with me because it had been in the 80's and I got a nice shower while I got gas, and then on to getting my hair cut. I pay $3 more than a guy with a shampoo and cut, and I bet most guys have more styling done than I do. I just say "cut an inch off all over."

I'm starting to hurt a lot from all the walking, so I think I'll sign off and nap for a bit and come back for the rest of the reading later.