May 15th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Hotel Rwanda

I couldn't sleep again (and am not sleepy). I seem to be sleeping about 14 hours in 48, and all in the same day. I hadn't planned to watch this on such a bright and cheery morning, but the Spanglish disc was broken.

This is a dramatization of a true story -- a hotelkeeper in Rwanda saved people from both sides of an ethnic clash. He kept more than 1200 people alive by bribery and begging. There were more than a million people who died. This is a painful story to watch, but one that we need to see.
20111112, Marilee


Since I was still awake at 8am and seemed pretty competent, I went out to set up the fountain. The impeller worked fine, but nothing was going up into the top piece to cascade back down through the bowls. I hadn't had it set up for a couple of years and I figured it was blocked, but what did I have that was stiff enough and yet flexible to clean it out? Half-hard square sterling wire. Worked like a charm. I'd planned to put shoes on, but not only did I not drop concrete on my feet, I didn't get my slippers wet. The fountain is bubbling away out there.

I need some advice on disposition of something. I have a five-CD changer with dual cassette deck, nice speakers, and remote. I haven't used it since I got the computer box with the CD player. Is it sufficiently obsolete that I should trash it? Or should I take it to the thrift store?