May 5th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Free Comic Book Day!

It's rainy and dreary and I considered not driving to the other end of the county which is always really busy on weekends to the most local comic shop, but I did anyway. It's a nice little storefront called Painted Visions. They had some really nicely painted sculptures, lots of comics (and the dolls and such that go with them) and tons of Magic cards. A martial arts class from a few doors down had just ended and half the guys were in the shop in their outfits buying cards.

The guy at the counter said three total of little toys or comics plus all the posters I wanted. There was quite a range -- from a how-to-read-comics to some gory fangy books to Mickey Mouse. I picked up a Choose Your Weapon sampler (with two intros -- one for people who don't know manga and the one for people who do starting "Hey, True Manga Fans, you know who you are. You know what Otaku means and you wear that name with pride." Well, I know what Otaku means, but I definitely don't consider it mine.), a DC Special "The Return of Donna Troy" and the TMNT Sneek Preview. There were two tiny toys -- a batman and a stormtrooper and Giorgio would have eaten them. I picked up a TMNT Donatello poster, too. Fans of Anita Blake would have liked her poster with a fangy shirtless guy.

I know TMNT probably sounds a bit weird for a 52-year-old, but they saved my sanity during the six-month hospitalization for the second renal failure. I couldn't concentrate enough to read and I didn't want to watch soap operas or talk shows, so I watched cartoons and I became really interested in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I particularly liked Donatello because he was an engineer and that's what I used to be.

I had the first fuill night's sleep in a week last night, although I think I may have a nap today, too. When I got home from the comic store, I had the other half of the club sandwich and a glass of milk, so no more protein today. I woke up with some back pain from moving cat litter around (even sitting) and 15 minutes in the recliner with heat and vibration didn't help it, so the three heavy-lifting-while-sitting-and-wearing-shoes chores that had been moved down to today got moved to next week.