May 4th, 2007

20111112, Marilee


I had a much better day today -- got the trash out, enough Phenobarb pills cut in half for this level at the Kaiser pharmacy (I kept killing them last night), bought cat stuff, and had lunch (I didn't know Friday's club sandwich had so much meat so I brought half home for tomorrow). And when I got home, the sandals I ordered arrived. I haven't had sandals that I can wear since I had the stroke and have to have shoes that stay attached to my feet, and I've never been able to find a pair with 10AAAA and adjustable straps over the vamp and the ankle! I have these set to the shortest length on each strap and I'll have to punch a new hole on the ankle straps, but they actually fit! I won't know about sliding until I wear them sometimes, but so far these look great!
20111112, Marilee

The Consciousness Plague by Paul Levinson

I actually finished this earlier this week when I was up coughing at night and couldn't put it down. This is sufficiently immediate future that it's not really stfnal, but it's a fabulous mystery. As usual, I figured out the answers before they turned up in the book, but the writing held my attention anyway.

The protagonist of this book is Phil D'Amato, the forensic scientist/detective for the NYPD. A cold is going around and a lot of people are taking a new antibiotic for it. Simultaneously, people are having short memory losses and a serial strangler starts attacking women. Phil thinks these might all be related and he talks to experts (bits of infodump) and makes several theories. His life and that of others become endangered and the pace of the novel accelerates until you're breathless.

I not only really recommend this, I ordered the book before it, The Silk Code, and the book after it, The Pixel Eye.