April 28th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Good Neighbor

Well, he probably doesn't think I am. I was napping yesterday evening with the sliding door open and the smell of igniter fluid woke me up. By the time I got the cats off me and the pillow and duvet stowed and to the porch, the guy who has the upper condo at the other end of our building had his grill going. I noticed two other people in other buildings were also standing on their balconies and watching. I told him it was dangerous and that's why it was illegal. He shrugged and spoke, I think, Korean back to me. I came back inside and called the non-emergency dispatch and told them my neighbor was grilling on his balcony. The dispatcher asked for his address and if I wanted to see an officer and I told him no, just send someone to tell him to stop and not do it again, and why, because it didn't work when I did it. A couple minutes later, I heard a heavy engine and looked out the screen door and there was a fire engine there. One of the fire guys plus what looked like a fire marshall got out and were talking to the guy from the sidewalk. He shut down his grill, and I hope he won't do it again. People can grill 15 feet from the buildings, but it's too dangerous to grill on the balconies, particularly since the buildings don't have firewalls inside.