April 16th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Glorifying Terrorism edited by Farah Mendlesohn

This anthology was produced in answer to the UK Terrorism Act of 2006. Encouraging people to commit terrorism, even by portraying it as good in fiction, is illegal in the UK. This book is illegal in the UK. The cover art, by Curio-CityCatKilla: Haylee Fields and Mike Harwood, is really great. You can buy the book at http://rackstrawpress.nfshost.com/.

I liked a number of the stories:

1. "Engaging the Idrl" by Davin Ireland - an Earth soldier realizes that his army isn't putting down resistance on a new planet, but killing off the natives.

2. "How I Took Care of My Pals" by Elizabeth Sourbut - this is similar to the above, but focuses on clone bodies for the soldiers. If the soldiers start to think, they get loaded into a new body without any ideas of their own.

3. "John Brown's Body - an alternate history" by Lucy Kemnitzer - What if Brown lived and continued his rebellion?

4. "Be the Bomb you Throw" by Katherine Sparrow - a college student is seduced by one of his teachers and led into potential terrorism.

5. "The Last Straw" by Hal Duncan - The UK government has populated the Departments with clones of Jack Straw and various terrorists take them and the unassigned clones out.

6. "The Rural Kitchen" by H. H. Loyche - correspondence between an author and a publisher plus excerpts from the book parallel terrorism.

7. "Minutes of the Labour Party Conference, 2016" by Charles Stross - a chilling portrayal of how governments can take over and make resistance imperative, written up as minutes of a meeting. I think Charlie's story is the best in the book. Concise, clear, and terrifying.
20111112, Marilee

Weather and Humor

We're having 60mph winds with lots of trees, branches, and power lines down. Fortunately, our power lines are underground, but some of the big oaks out back have had their tops cracked over and need to be trimmed. It's 43F outside and we're down to 62F inside. New heat pump tomorrow! The cats are scrunched up on the heating pad.

The WashPost replaced some comics lately and the new ones aren't that good, but I've been skimming them in case they pick up. A really stupid space one, Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, had an actually funny strip on Friday (I'm still working my way through the papers):

20111112, Marilee

Minicon 42 Saturday

Like last year, Thorin Tatge set up a fabulous quest for medallions (1973 pennies) that were hid in public places in the hotel. There were clues in the newsletter, the Bozo Bus Tribune. Hunting had been mostly kids on Friday, but on Saturday, there were parents helping. I kept seeing small groups of people going by the table discussing clues.

After setting up the table with the chapbooks and the t-shirts, new and old, I had pretty good sales. I'd been really dry on Friday so I brought the tupperware I used for Gatorade down and filled it with water to drink during the day and that worked out well. I didn't wear my contacts the entire weekend; the hotel was too dry.

Beth came down from the consuite with pizza for those of us staffing tables for the con, art show, and dealers and I happily accepted a small piece of cheese pizza. After closing the table, I had a salad with very small amounts of chicken in it at the bar and headed for John M. Ford's memorial where people had really good stories. Then I went on to cakmpls's LJ party and met pretty much people I knew. I took the leftover candy from Friday and Saturday with me. While I was sitting on the balcony, I said "the hotel is setting up for something" and was answered "Easter brunch." You can't expect an atheist to remember Easter brunch!

I got tired and went to my room for a nap. When I woke up, I had my Gatorade and read a bit, then on to bed.