April 11th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Back again!

I actually got back yesterday, but didn't get this far online. I'll just give a little catch-up.

I really enjoyed Minicon and took notes so I can write a full report later this week. Going &
coming was annoying, and I came home to a dead heat pump. When I went to Minicon 2000, I came home to a leaking dead water heater. I don't want to think what will die while I'm in Mpls over Easter 2014. Fortunately, the temperature in the condo is ranging between 65 & 68, which is uncomfortable, but not impossible. I'm getting estimates tomorrow.

I saw the neurologist today. The EEG showed that my front parietal lobes are slow. They manage sensation (for the opposite side) so this is probably why I keep finding bruises that I don't know about until I see them. She also says the things the other doctors and I have been calling TIAs, and my somewhat cyclic aphasia, are brain seizures. She wants me to stop two of my rheumatology meds and replace them with phenobarbitol which will cover their functions and, we hope, make my brain work better. We'll have to titrate the phenobarb level over a period of time. Since my rheumatologist prescribed the other meds, the neurologist sent her a copy of the notes, and I emailed her about the situation, so I don't know when the change will be made or if it will be exactly like this.

This is not what I expected, but I'm in favor of making my brain work better.