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Marilee J. Layman


March 26th, 2007

03:08 pm: Aches and Pain, but a Lot of Gain
Since I sent the Cat Genie back, I wanted to rearrange part of the utility room. If I was going to do that, I wanted to wash the plastic set of three shelves and clean the floor underneath because I don't think either has been done since I moved in 15.5 years ago. So Friday and Saturday, with every trip down the hall, I took a couple of items off the shelves and placed them by the side of the hall. Yesterday, I put the shelves in the tub and washed them (over several periods of time, resting between) and I cleaned the floor bit by bit. A friend from the book group came over to take the Cat Genie connection off the cold water supply and hook the washer back up singly, and he helped move the washer/dryer back into place which gave me a small amount of more floor to clean. (I'd suggested he come over after work today, but he's spending today through Wednesday at a seminar in DC about the new postal mailing rules. They're going to get more complicated.)

I put the shelves back and the standard litterbox back where it used to be, and did two loads of wash. I went to bed without aches or cramps, but woke up about 5:30am very achy and had to move to the recliner for the heat and massage.

I'm glad to have the shelves and floor clean, though, and I'm doing more laundry now. Today, on the way back from the bedroom, I'll be picking things up and either returning them to the shelves or throwing them out. I don't think I've used either the spray starch or the woolite since I've lived here.

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