March 21st, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Management Embezzles!

I'm skimming the front pages of the WashPost sections and what do I find at the top of the Metro section? Our management company is being monitored and investigated for embezzling $800K. Not from us, that's more than our entire yearly budget, but from two much larger associations.

I reckon if they can embezzle, they can lie and cause fraud. I hope the new board will change management companies without us having to set up a letter campaign.
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's April/May 2007

This double issue had four stories I particularly liked:

1. The River Horses by Allen M. Steele -- a story set between the two Coyote books, giving more background on colonization.

2. The Rocket Into Planetary Space by William Barton -- a private rocket launch by two couples to an asteroid to claim it for their own. Lots of danger and excitement.

3. Lilyanna by Lisa Goldstein -- a male librarian keeps finding clues of a long-ago woman and learns his lessons.

4. Distant Replay by Mike Resnick -- this was strategically positioned after Lilyanna because it has a similar theme that plays out differently. An elderly man runs into a woman who may be the reincarnation of his wife.