March 11th, 2007

20111112, Marilee


First, mine. Another set of Beading For A Cure auctions just went up, and most of them have bids already! One of the auctions is mine -- a beaded metal lunchbox that's a bit of a political statement.

Second. I saw this ad on TVLand late at night and I couldn't believe it. I looked for it on Youtube and it wasn't there and they don't have a website, so I have to describe it. The name of the store is Casa Furniture and it's in a little shopping center that is mostly Latino. There are two guys standing in the store -- a white guy and a black guy -- the black guy is a bit fatter than the white guy and they're both shirtless, wearing giant sombreros, and waving Mexican flags. They sing and dance a bit and then talk about the furniture, but most of it is inaudible (if it was done professionally, well a professional would probably refuse to do it, but at least the guys would be facing the camera when they talk). I can't believe they made a TV ad that pushes racial stereotypes of the clientele they want.

I was going through the food ad extras in the paper and there was an ad for an Irish Nativity Tree. I'm waiting for the Ghanian Nativity Tree!

And in the Giant grocery ad, there were two that amused me. The only other time I've seen them say "We Will Not Be Undersold" is with turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas times. But this time it says "We Will Not Be Undersold On 5lb Matzo Bundles!"

The other was part of the text in the asparagus ad: "For maximum freshness, store your asparagus in the refrigerator for one to two days with the tips immerged in water." You probably want to immerse the base of the stalks!
20111112, Marilee

Fat Albert

I'd never watched the cartoon show, although I had a general idea what it was about, and the movie got pretty good reviews, so I put it on my Netflix queue and watched it last night.

I didn't know what to expect, but it's a charming fantasy except for a couple of sappy minutes with Bill Cosby. A girl in West Philly has lost her drive since her grandfather died and she was just dissed at her locker -- the cheerleaders asked her foster sister to a party but not her -- and goes home to watch the Fat Albert TV show and cries. The remote has a magic fit and her tear falls into the cartoon, showing the characters her face. Albert insists on going through the hole to help her and the gang follows, all as humans.

The story helps both the girl and the cartoon characters to learn things, although the cartoons start to fade. Fat Albert risks disappearing all together to make the last push and help the girl.

Pretty light, but amusing for a calm evening.