February 19th, 2007

20111112, Marilee


Don't worry, I'm not turning into James, but I am going to make three different entries today because the subjects are so different.

A couple of interesting comics yesterday -- the first one is from the WashPost Sunday Magazine and I can't find any instances of it online, so I, er, scanned it. I know Jo has trouble with comics, I do when the order isn't obvious (plus, I'm sure I miss comics "jargon"), and this is an illustration:


And Sunday's Flying McCoys - the GAP for SuperHeroes:

20111112, Marilee

Clark Ashton Smith reviewed by Michael Dirda

20111112, Marilee

New Weapon of Pain

The US military has a new weapon -- it makes you feel like you're on fire, but it doesn't actually harm you. (Okay, physically -- who knows what harm feeling like you're on fire does?) I suspect that like tasers, these will be used quicker and in less dangerous situations.