February 17th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Library Book Group

Well, I have no idea if the van would have gone over the snowplow ridge because the wheels wouldn't go over the ice right in front of them. Jay and Faith and their boys came to pick me up and Jay had really thought things out. He brought a stool so I could get into their truck and he was assuring me as he had my arm while I was walking on sandy ice. Everybody loved Hammered, which is unusual and even while we were talking about greater issues, people were looking up quotations to share. We had a new person and I tried to say Hi from across the table twice, but she wasn't really looking up. After the meeting started and we introduced ourselves, she joined in the discussion, which was great. Next month: Hogan's The Legend that was Earth.
20111112, Marilee

Hammered by Elizabeth Bear

(That would be a good Jack Dannism -- Hammered Elizabeth Bear.)

This was the library book group book for the month and when I read the first couple of blurbs, it reminded a great deal of the Jani books from Kristine Smith. Once I started the book, though, it was clear that those elements were the same, but they were used completely differently.

The book is set in 2062 and our protagonist, Jenny Casey, also known as Maker, is a 50-ish ex-soldier with painful prostheses and neuro connectors. Kids start dying in her neighborhood from tainted pills -- pills she took to focus as a soldier -- and she gets drawn into finding the source with a neighborhood gangster and a cop. The Canadian Army wants her back and in the middle of their search, she is hijacked and returned to a Toronto hospital where they want to put in better, less painful prostheses that will help her live longer. The deal is that she has to go back into the army. A lot of shady people are involved.

The descriptions and characterizations in this book were really great. I looked forward to reading more of the book every day and everybody in our group liked it, which is unusual. Definitely recommended. After my first pages, I went online to reserve the two sequels and picked them up while at the library today.