January 24th, 2007

20111112, Marilee


This was a two-season HBO show. The first episode starts with Michael J. Anderson saying, paraphrased: "Before Trinity, there was magic. After Trinity, there was reason." I'll go for that. This is set in the depression dustbowl '30s, with viewpoints divided between a carnival and a church. Brother Justin, a minister, and Ben Hawkins, a carnie, are both avatars, but it's hard to know which is good and which is evil. I thought it was fascinating, how each learns more about themselves and the other and how the surrounding characters contribute. Netflix calls it "creepy," which I didn't see, but I don't think horror is very horrible, so maybe I don't think creepy is very, er, creepible.

The second (and last) season ends satisfactorily, but it was clearly meant to continue. When I watched the extras on the last disc, one of them was an interview by the Museum of Television and Radio after the first season and the creator says how wonderful HBO is, that they're committed to the series' full run. Um, right. The other extras were really interesting.

Highly recommended.