January 19th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

15x2, Cancellation, Dream

Back in 2002 when the DC area had the snipers, a guy got his 15 minutes of fame by claiming he saw a sniper shooting. He spent a bit of time in jail when it turned out he lied to get on camera. Well, he's just been convicted for a rape & murder in 2005 and we can only hope this is his last 15 minutes of public notice.

I was supposed to do the first half of the visual fields today (I have to do each eye separately because of the set-up -- I can't sit like that long enough to do both -- last time I cried from the pain and we had to take a break) but I'd had to take extra flexeril last night for a thigh cramp and when the alarm went off at 11, I was clearly not going to be able to drive by 12:30. I cancelled, we picked another date, and moved the opthalmologist appt to March (the next open). He's going to dilate my eyes then, so I don't mind putting it off.

I dreamed last night that I was an archeologist and was carefully brushing through a layer of dirt and found a big cache of fairly-current snailmail. The accountant at a nearby company had buried it instead of working on it.