January 18th, 2007

20111112, Marilee

Tiger's Back! Art Buchwald Dies, and a Priest Embezzles and Leads a Secret Family Life

Tiger came by to see me today. Well, he really wanted to come in -- it's cold outside. But he looks fine.

Art Buchwald died last night. His daughter Jennifer answered questions online today. I can't find what he died of, but it's probably renal failure. I'm interested because I have renal failure and I'm not sure I want dialysis, either. The doctor says I'll need it some day.

A Catholic priest not only embezzled more than a million dollars from the two churches he led, when police went to search his house, they found a wife and three children. He'd told the neighbors he ran an import business and wanted to go back to the Philippines to run for President. He probably needed more than a million for that.