January 1st, 2007

20111112, Marilee

The Mall of Chaos

My dreams frequently reuse settings and one of them is the Mall of Chaos. It's roughly based on Springfield Mall here in NoVA, but there are even more wings and they don't always go where they look like they could. Last night I dreamed I was working for a company in the mall, but it wasn't retail, it was something like a book company, but they had a lot of secrets and I kept accidently finding them. By the end, I was being chased down the wings of the Mall of Chaos by stereotypical librarians.

I put the Litter-Robot up on Craigslist yesterday and someone is coming to get it today. The utility room is much more open now. The CatGenie has about the same footprint as the L-R, but it doesn't have that big diving hood on top, and I don't need the regular litterbox for Giorgio anymore.